Nukotoys Lives in an App-Happy World

Excerpt from: Digging Into Apple’s U.S. Job Creation Engine | NBC San Diego by Stewart Wolpin of NBC News.

Remembering Steve JobsWhile retailers don’t get a piece of the action from apps, they will now get to sell new app-enhanced hardware. This is a brand new economic ecosystem creating jobs at the toy companies and at brick-and-mortar stores who will hire buyers, inventory and sales people to stock and sell these app-enhanced toys.

Nukotoys is perhaps the poster child for this new Apple-generated toy economy. Nukotoys is a new company led by former high-level executives from Silicon Valley and the toy, gaming and trading card businesses, who have created a rich conductive touch-card iPad ecosystem.

You buy packs of Pokémon-like trading cards. Touch the information-packed card to the iPad/iPhone/iPad screen running the appropriate app (the first two are “Animal Planet Wildlife,” comprised of a 60-card set, and “Monsterology,” based on one of the popular Ology book series, which is a 100-card series) and that card character comes alive — and can be manipulated via touch — on screen.

In the “Animal Planet” game, you can populate an entire savannah, have lions hunt gazelles as a game while learning about how nature works. It’s sophisticated, immersive, compelling, cool — and completely new.

"As today’s three-year-olds tap around iPads with ease, Apple is powering a revolution in the $21 billion toy industry," confirmsRodger Raderman, co-CEO of Nukotoys. “Because of Apple’s innovation, we have nearly 100 people actively working on making our vision a reality.”

Source: Digging Into Apple’s U.S. Job Creation Engine | NBC San Diego 

The Gamified Classroom: Still Taboo?

It’s difficult to argue against the use of technology in education, especially in the 21st Century classroom, where kids must learn to communicate and engage in a globalized world. Internet and tech, at the forefront of educational access and reform, provide an infinite amount of resources, tools, and vehicles for teachers and students alike. The potential is immeasurable, and the innovative examples of teachers integrating iPads and apps flourish across the social networks as we share what works, and sometimes what doesn’t. 

Some of the most outspoken critics in the Edutech space center on gaming, frequently correlating violent playground behavior with the violent games kids are playing at home. It is an argument that tends to reinforce the belief that games have no place in the classroom. 

While we’re not an educational software company, at Nukotoys we’re focused on bridging the positive effects of both real-world play with the benefits of digital —the collaboration, strategizing, and inherent social benefits of not just play with one another, but the sharing and promoting of each other’s achievements. 

The following infographic illustrates our optimism for the potential of games in the classroom. What if we can bridge the educational and enriching games kids play in the classroom, with what they take home? The world spends 3 billion hours a week playing video and computer games. As parents, caregivers, and educators, let’s make those hours count. 

Gamification of Education

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